Club of Droids are Johan Bring on vocals, synths, bass or guitar and Henrik Holmlund on drums and percussions.

"Encore un peu jeune, Club of Droids donne de belles perspectives d’avenir. Un groupe que l’on se fera un plaisir de suivre !” Rolling Stone France

"Their debut single "Into The Field" is an all-encompassing assault on the senses that has one foot in hard rock and the other in industrial techno. You would think this would be an incredibly gnashing listen, but this energetic track chugs along without exhaustion, intensity wrapped in droning bass. ”

Club Of Droids was formed in 2016 by Johan Bring & Henrik Holmlund. They have been playing together in other bands such as STYGG and The State Of Floral Beings. Johan also performs in his solo project called “Professor Johan Bring”. Henrik has just released an album with a new hardcore band called Bitch Hawk.