Unteleported Man – Survival is Insufficient

In the depths, beyond time and space, a body has formed. We move through a sea of ​​sound. In the very centre of reality, we are gathered around the unteleported man’s flesh. He seems eliminated, yet easy hovering at a short distance above the ground. 
The Unteleported man’s music rocks the ether. It’s a riot without equal. Something touches the root of our senses and play notes in our soul. Resonating insight into our world’s deepest is sounding.

Unteleported man is music from the Swedish west coast. The solo project of Rickard Jacobson. He has for many years produced and created music in the band Bulletproof Cupid. A true audio genius whose projects requires all the attention they can get.

Unteleported Man – Survival Is Insufficient

Unteleported Man – Survival Is Insufficient (Professor Johan Bring Remix)

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