Universum, debut single by “Professor Johan Bring”!

Professor Johan Bring has just released his first single “Universum” with a music video. It’s the solo project of Johan Bring. He has created music for several years in bands like STYGG and The State Of Floral Beings. During the week he works as a film director. Right now the film Tartarus, he has made together with David Strindberg, is exhibited at Fotografiska museet in Stockholm Sweden.

“It was time to do something all by myself. This is unfiltered straight from the soul. It’s music to dance to.”

“All lyrics is in swedish, something I’ve never been attracted of and have had no clue of what it would sound like.”

What’s now released as the first single is the track “Universum” followed up by the second track “Sverige”(Sweden) and the last track “Stockholm”.


Hela singeln kommer inom några dagar även upp på Spotify och Itunes.

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