STYGG – Get Thee Behind Me Satan. Album release!

Having released two singles, Sleep and Envy, the directors of PUNX STHLM (David Strindberg & Johan Bring) now release their first full album Get Thee Behind Me Satan under their band name STYGG.

The singles, if you haven’t listened to them yet got remixed by the whole dance elite. FCKN CREW, ASCII DISKO, OWL VISION, F.O.O.L, HOWARD WHO, THE INTEGRALS, UNTELEPORTED MAN, STIFF, KUNGEN & HERTIGEN, PUSH PULL also available on Itunes, Spotify etc.

Get Thee Behind Me Satan is released on their own brand new record label VOZ ALTA which will during 2011 release more of their and their friends projects.

Release date 14th of July.


1. Sleep
2. Envy
3. Get Thee Behind Me Satan
4. Photos From Mir
5. Acid Test
6. Lunacy
7. Naked
8. Protective
9. Center Pivot Irrigation System

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